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        School bus security patrol system

        School bus security patrol system


        School bus security patrol system

        School bus security patrol system (SPS-11)

        School bus security patrol system schema (SPS-11)

        School bus security patrol system description (SPS-11)

        Function description

        1、when the controller detects ACC and ON are both off, which key is off or unplugged, the alarm lamp will twinkle and send out voice message “Please patrol the carriage before closing the door”, the indicator on patrol button will twinkle simultaneously. Driver or stuff have to patrol the carriage and press patrol button, then controller clears alarm.

        2Under the alarm situation, power of door pump is closed to prevent the door from being closed. After pressing the patrol button, the door pump will be powered on when controller clears alarm, door can be closed normally.(Optional)Engine power off function can be supported

        3If received urgent signal input from outside,when the signal is low-level, door is not controlled by controller and can be closed/open normally. Only when the signal is high-level, door is controlled by controller, and door is forbidden to be closed under alarm situation, door can be closed under non-alarm situation.(Optional)

        4Controller can share the same speaker with other external audio equipment, when external audio equipment plays music, controller will send the external audio signal to speaker directly. When controller sends out the alarm, controller will switch external audio signal automatically and speaker will play “Please patrol the carriage before closing the door”.

        Electrical parameters

        Working voltage12V32V    Standby current<30mA   Working temperature﹣30℃85℃

        Controller weight<150g       Button weight<150g        Alarm lamp current<300mA

        Control output: <1A (forward control)                                  Urgent inputpositive control, low-level effective

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